The cyber threat continues to be a serious threat against Denmark, and the threat is rising from targeted ransomware attacks against Danisk authorities and businesses. Cyber crime is costing businesses in Denmark millions of DKK and has the potential to in worst case scenarios to affect critical functions of society.


Meanwhile, foreign nations continues to use cyber espionage. Centre for Cybersecurity has ongoing investigations into attempts at performing cyber espionage against Danish government institutions and Danish businesses.


One cause for optismism is that the threat level for cyber activism and cyber terror has been downgraded. That is a consequence of a declining threat from both those types of cyber attacks.


The exploitation of COVID-19 in cyber attacks is a new element in the overall threat landscape, but this exploitation of the pandemic has not in itself changed the general threat significantly.


The threat level for cyber crime and cyber espionage is VERY HIGH. The threat level for destructive cyber attacks and cyber activism is LOW. The threat level for cyber terror is NONE.

  • Author

    Centre for Cybersecurity

  • Release Date

    July 16, 2020

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